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Welcome to Tops Tools. We have been in the Metal Roofing Business since 2008Providing our customers with permanent steel roofing for prices equivalent to Shingles.

We continue to grow and in 2018 we purchased our new location in Port Colborne, Ontario.

We have expanded to offer a local tool and hardware fasteners store rather then dealing with the big box storesWe are family owned and operated and will continue to provide our exceptional service to the community.

All your name brands including Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Paslode, Bostich, etc along with a growing supply of other tools and fasteners.

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Tops Tools looks to keep booming construction dollars in Port Colborne

Tops Tools looks to keep booming construction dollars in Port Colborne

Tops Tools is a family business in that special, old-school kinda way. It’s just a father and a son doing what they do best.

“Pretty soon here, I’ll let my son take over the whole thing and do all the hard work so I can go enjoy Florida,” said Brian Topolinsky.

Without missing a beat, his son, Justin, chimed in.

“Well, I already do all the hard work anyway, so I don’t think much will change,” said Justin with a laugh.

The pair have that unique father-son vibe that makes a store feel less like a business, and more like you’re walking into a family home;
one that just also happens to sell power drills, nail guns, and grinders.

For the better part of the last two decades, the elder Topolinsky has been running Metal Roofs Niagara. As the name implies,
they specialize in the installation of metal roofs. “You’re going to pay a little bit more for a metal roof compared with shingles,
but in the end you’re getting a much better roof that will last a lot longer,” explained Brian.

With the roofing business trucking along smoothly, Brian purchased a large storefront in Port Colborne along Main Street.
The former building was a flooring business before Brian purchased it, which meant it had plenty of extra space.

“After I moved in, I looked around and realized I had all this floor space that I wasn’t doing anything with, so after talking with my son,
that’s when we decided to expand,” said Brian.

Looking at the ongoing housing and construction boom, Justin said the obvious choice was to use the space for a retail shop
specializing in tools, fasteners, and all the other supplies that any carpenter, contractor or home builder might need.

“Construction is booming in Port Colborne, but if you want any of this type of stuff, you have to drive out to Niagara Falls,” said Justin.“
That’s what we want to change. We want to keep that business in Port Colborne so if you need something like this,
you no longer need to drive out of town, you can stay local.”

According to Brian, they are looking to sell to a diverse range of people, and he said they can scale up or down depending on what you need.
“If you’re a contractor, you can come in here and we can sell you fasteners in bulk, or if you’re just doing a home renovation yourself,
you can come in here and buy one bolt and one nut. Either way, we can accommodate,” said Brian.

Tops Tools is located at 427 Main St. E. in Port Colborne.

By James Culic Port Colborne Leader
Sunday, November 7, 2021